So long sweet summer

After a long sweet summer, we head back to school full of fresh ideas, energy and enthusiasm. We have a great semester ahead full of exciting events, awards, interviews, research reports and structural reviews.

Singapore Janet Echelman (left credit Janet Echelman), Parkbrug (right credit Jonathan Ramael)

To lift the tip of the veil, we will bring you an inspiring interview with the internationally renowned sculptor and fiber artist Janet Echelman, life reporting of the main discussions at the 2017 Hamburg IASS Conference (International Association of Shell and Spatial Structures), reviews of the newest and most exciting structures in the low countries (including 2017 Footbridge Award Winner Parkburg), up-dates on  the research at the Form Finding Lab and we will find out what alumn Yousef Anastas is upto at the London Design Festival .  Stay tuned.  Fall here we come!

“While we wait”, Yousef Anastas at the Victoria and Albert Museum during the London Design Festival (image credit Yousef Anastas)

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