Transistioning into our 2nd Anniversary!

As we enter into the 3rd year of the Form Finding Blog, we look back at all the inspiring people we have met and interviewed and all the amazing design and scholarship we have written about.


Posts like “Assessing the stability of Masonry Structures Part 1 and 2” (research) and “Higrow – Hygroscopic properties of wood used as programmable matter in lightweight construction” (design) and the Interview Series “What I am thinking” (with record-breaking skyscraper engineer Bill Baker and the net artist Janet Echelman) have caught your attention.  The intersection of research, design and art continues to shape our thinking about how we can transform our approaches to engineering design for a more sustainable and resilient urban environment.


At the same time, we look forward and wonder how we can serve you, our readers, better: give you what you really want. More thoughtful and better curated discussions of cutting edge-research and design. More attractive visuals and inspiring interviews with the prominent designers and researchers. Better info about significant events and articles. And free access to our published scholarship.

12-Light Earth Designs vault interior
(Light Earth Designs)

Here is how we will do this:

  • An new Form Finding Lab INSTAGRAM: a curated visual experience, with opportunities to explore the stories behind the images;
  • A revamped Form Finding Lab blog with two posts per month that will focus more on research and inspirational interviews;
  • The Form Finding Lab facebook page with all this information plus any attractive articles and events we want to bring to your attention; and
  • The Form Finding Lab ResearchGate where you will find our papers and can connect with us intellectually.
Exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum (Photo: Edmund Sumner)

We hope you will like what you will find.

Happy 2nd Anniversary!

The Form Finding Lab

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