(On-Line) public speaking

Over the years, the research and teaching at the Form Finding Lab, has been disseminated through a wide range of video and audio material.  I have collected some of it here.

ART AND ENGINEERING: When dancers dynamically interacted with manmade nets in our choreographic piece “In*Tension” (Seattle, June 2019), the nets exhibited counterintuitive stiffness properties. They stiffened under increased dancer impact loading and this phenomenon substantially differed for the orthogonal and bias net topologies. In this podcast ‘Dance me to the End’ Rebecca Lazier , choreographer and I talk about the creation choreographic works that generate a new understanding of how different net topologies rigidify when loaded and soften when unloaded.

TEACHING: What engineering and art students learned in my course co-taught with the artist Joe Scanlan, CEE418/VIS418 Extraordinary Processes

‘Princeton students make their bed’, 2020.

RESEARCH: We reached over 6000 participants in our DigitalFUTURES event on Shell Structures. In particular, I loved the discussion after the presentations: a lot of food for thought

‘DigitalFUTURES: Shell Structures’ – a panel with Philip F. Yuan, Philippe Block (ETHZ), Chris Williams (Chalmers University) and myself – 2021

INTERVIEW: I was interviewed  in preparation for the IASS Symposium  2020-2021. This is the first interview in the “Movers and Shakers” interview series.

‘Spatial Structures; Movers and Shakers’ – with Sigrid Adriaenssens, 2020

RESEARCH: A short on-line keynote ‘A different perspective on shells’

1st Italian Workshop on Shell and Spatial Structures, 2020

RESEARCH: How can we built more sustainably with robots?

Anatomy of Structure: Robotics and Digital Fabrication, 2020

RESEARCH: How Brunelleschi built the engineering marvel, the Duomo Dome, without any scaffolding?

The Flemish Radio 1 (Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroeporganisatie) interviewed me about our newest study about the statics of the herringbone brick pattern and how it enables self-centering masonry large-span domes. (in Dutch)

INTERVIEW: A conversation

‘Interview with Prof. Sigrid Adriaenssens’,2020

RESEARCH: How can art inspire engineering systems? We have been working with bobbin lace and textile artists to find out. Our work is exhibited at the 2021 Joint Mathematics Meetings. 

‘Interlaced Bigons’, 2021

RESEARCH: Our innovation –  Solar Shades for Energy Conservation and Indoor Comfort. 2019

RESEARCH: The importance of novel storm surge barriers in a changing climate

‘Princeton Environmental Institute : Storm Surge : Future hazard and defense’,2019

RESEARCH: How we can make buildings more energy efficient?

Princeton Engineering : Sigrid Adriaenssens on making buildings more energy efficient, 2019

LECTUREForm Follows Force

University of Washington, Department of Architecture Lecture Series, ‘Form Follows Force: Why and How Does It Matter?, 2019

RADIO: A conversation about design philosophy and what matters

WPRB Princeton, These vibes are too cosmic, ‘Structural Forms and Resilient Architecture’, 2018

PANEL DISCUSSION: What happens at the intersection of Art and Engineering

Living at the Intersection, Princeton Symposium  ‘Form Beyond Function’, 2018

TedXTalk: An idea worth spreading

TedX Talk, ‘Designing for strength, economy, and beauty’, 2017

RESEARCH and OUTREACH: Enhancing the genius loci of a food  garden through local earth design and construction

Spiraling Dirt – a rammed earth spiral for Forbes Garden

RESEARCH: Senior thesis advising on how to build sustainably with bamboo

Senior thesis: Sustainable building with bamboo, ,2016

TEACHING: Drawing inspiration from the past

‘Princeton class in German thin-shell structures yields new exhibit’, 2015.

RESEARCH: How to carry out form finding with conflicting objectives?

Utzon(X): Dialectic Form Finding, 2014

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