Structures in the Low Countries: Port House, Antwerp

The third interesting structure we discuss in the series Structures in the Low Countries is the Port House in the city of Antwerp, Belgium.  This building, designed by Zaha Hadid, is the brand new Port House. It was opened 6 months after Zaha’s sudden death  and the population of Antwerp is still making up their mind whether they like it or not.  In any case, … Continue reading Structures in the Low Countries: Port House, Antwerp

Thin Vaulting: Rwanda National Cricket Stadium

  This project is part of a 5-year collaboration between Light Earth Designs and the Rwanda Cricket Stadium Foundation, which focuses on how Rwanda can transition away from a purely agricultural economy using local home-grown, labour-intensive construction techniques, thereby avoiding imports, lowering carbon, and building a skilled workforce. The primary enclosure of the cricket stadium, the vaults, adapts ancient Mediterranean tile-vaulting (using compressed soil-cement tiles) … Continue reading Thin Vaulting: Rwanda National Cricket Stadium

The thesis: quintessentially Princeton 

“the thesis: quintessentially Princeton” features the thesis-writing experiences of Princeton students and their advisers. From research conducted around the world to discoveries made in the library or the lab, students share their joy in doing original, independent work, while relaying some of their mistakes and tips for the next generation of Princetonians. The advisers then explain their side of the thesis journey—from the steps for writing … Continue reading The thesis: quintessentially Princeton