DESIGN EXPERIENCE 2: drawing in the design process

Drawing connects the hand to the mind.  So it is no wonder that all exemplary designers (whether they are in fashion or in structures) are very skilled at making clear and convincing drawings to inform their own thought process, go into a dialogue with and convince the client. In this post I give you some advice on creating drawings and incorporating them into the design … Continue reading DESIGN EXPERIENCE 2: drawing in the design process


The Barry Onouye studio at the University of Washington (UW) highlights the intersection of architecture and structural design by inviting an outside structural designer to co-teach a studio + seminar. With the central theme of performance, this year’s studio explored tension-based structures, through tensioned and draped nets: we studied how nets can be imagined and built for visual and choreographic expression and this project won … Continue reading NETS AND DANCE: IN*TENSION