StoneMatters: QAMT/Analogy

Here we present the recent work QAMT/Analogy – Stone Matters by Elias and Yousef Anastas.We are always proud to showcase the amazing works of the Form Finding Lab alumni such as Yousef.

Elevation (picture by Edmund Summer)

Born as a reaction to a systematic misuse of clad stone in Palestine, Stone matters is an experimentation-based research project examining the potential of including structural stone within the language of contemporary architecture and combining traditional craftsmanship with innovative construction techniques.



The architecture of Palestine combines disparate architectural elements brought by various civilizations with local elements found in-situ. In an attempt to blur the limits between local and global architecture, Stone matters takes the form of a series of real scale installations, academic articles and a worldwide online atlas of stone architectural elements.

Mock-up at the workshop in Bethlehem, photo by Elias Anastas

Stone matters explores the qualities of architectural fundamental elements (including vaults, lintels, and columns) and finding novel ways of expressing each. It deliberately desacralizes the use of stone, often associated exclusively with noble constructions towards creating a vocabulary of stone use in contemporary architecture.

Elevations by AAU Anastas

‘Qamt’, a circular lintel bench is the second experiment presenting systems of lintels inspired by stereotomy found in Jerusalem. It serves as a functional element as well as an illustrative architectural fundamental element. It is an effort to question the local and global exchange of techniques and trace unseen analogies between architectural forms across borders.




The understanding of project as process underpins the thinking and approach of the designers at AAU Anastas. Positioning reciprocity as a founding principle, Elias and Yousef Anastas work directly with factories and artisans from inception, collaborating on solutions and in the process, minimizing energy consumption between design and realization. Emerging from a deep understanding of local know-how, they work with makers to extrapolate artisanal know-hows, subverting, adapting and widening the end result to new uses by casting these into new forms. They firmly believe that sustainability should not be at the cost of ethical compromises. Instead, research is synonym of ambition for a more sustainable, more comfortable, and more interactive design.

Stereotomy cuts (picture by Mishko Papic)

ANALOGY / Stone matters
Permanent Collection of The Victoria & Albert Museum London, UK

In collaboration with
Laboratoire GSA, Paris Malaquais


One thought on “StoneMatters: QAMT/Analogy

  1. The work with stone is very interesting!
    I’d have enjoyed more photographs that document the process of making this particular object. Thanks!


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